Solar powered cell phone chargers are an awesome way to use free energy from the sun to keep your phone charged.

Running out of power while camping, traveling, hiking or even commuting is no fun for anyone.

Solar power however, can save the day (and this is why we call it super).

Here I’ve got my top 5 solar powered cell phone chargers. They are all listed below this next informative section on great things to know about solar chargers for phones.

Differences Between Solar Phone Chargers:

Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger
Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger
Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

There are a few different types of solar powered cell phone chargers and it’s good to be aware of differences while on your search for the right one.

Important notes:

  1. Smaller chargers with one panel take longer to charge.
  2. Some chargers come with a power bank (that stores energy captured from the sun) while other charge your phone directly.
  3. Not all solar panels are made equally and more expensive generally means better quality.
  4. Some solar chargers have the solar primarily as a backup option with plugging into the wall really being the best way to charge it.
  5. Pretty well every solar cell phone charger here Is waterproof, dustproof, durable and good for the outdoors.
  6. All have 2 outlets and a few will charge 3 devices at once.

Now that we’ve addressed those things, on we go to the list.

This is a great small and compact solar powered cell phone charger – that can charge more than phones. You can charge tablets, camera and other smaller devices through a USB or micro USB. There are 3 outputs so you can charge 3 devices at once.

There are two ways to charge this charger:

  1. Via an outlet (electricity)
  2. The sun

You should note that it will take 85 hours to charge it fully only with the sun. This is because of it’s compact size and the face that it is one solar panel. So keep in mind what you intend to use it for when making this decision.

This 25000mAh charger also has dual input types. What this means is that you can charge the charger faster by plugging in more than one power source.

This solar cell phone charger has been purposefully built for the outdoors so is:

  • Durable
  • Dustproof
  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof (Splashproof)
  • Has LED emergency lights (AKA a flashlight)

While this charger may take longer to charge via the sun, the trade-off is that it’s small enough to fit in a purse or a pocket.

The Kogalla solar powered cell phone charger the priciest on this list and what you’re paying for here is speed. It is also a very high quality solar charger and power bank.

What they’ve done is join the panels and storage bank together and, in the process, they’ve created faster speeds.

How it works is you put it out in the sun for the day to harvest energy and then store it, then you plug your cell phone or other device in to charge. (Note: you can’t harvest and charge your phone at the same time.)

This solar storage bank will fully charge in 3-5 hours! This is really fast. Full sun will charge the 10000mAh power bank in that time. 

There are dual (high-current) 2.4A USB ports. This allows you to charge 2 devices at one time. You can charge phones, tablets, cameras and whatever else has a USB.

Low sun? Cloudy day? It will still continue to charge (if minimally).

It’s really quite easy to use:

  1. Unfold.
  2. Place in sun.

Other features:

  • A foldable solar array
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Can continue to charge in low light
  • Charge won’t be lost by passing clouds
  • “Very” water resistant (don’t leave it in the rain but a brief run-in with water is okay)
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds.
  • Includes a USB light and cables.


With solar panels and solar power, you really do get what you pay for. So cheap really does mean it may not work for long or fall apart. The price of this solar charger does reflect quality and that’s quality of the solar panels and those being combined with the storage bank.

–> Check out the Kogalla Solar Storage Bank on Amazon.

The Hiluckey Solar Power Bank is a high capacity, 3 solar panel charger. It is a great cell phone charger but let me state from the very beginning that when you see “high capacity”, think time.

It takes time to charge a high capacity charger. This one is 24000mAh. The 3 large panels do make it faster however.

So how long?

Charging via outlet takes 10-12 hours so it will take quite a while (days) to charge only via solar. There are 4 ways to charge it: outlet, sunlight, strong indoor lights and USB.

Other features:

  • Waterproof
  • Dual USB output 2.1A speed
  • Charge 2 devices at once
  • Ports have a cover which is durable and waterproof
  • 9 LED lights – use as emergency lights or to find your way around. (This is good for camping.)

This type of solar powered char­ger is often thought of as the solar being the backup option. Because charging takes so long. So if you want to use this often and primarily use solar to charge it, another charger may work better for you.

–> Check out the Hiluckey Solar Power Bank on Amazon here.

This solar powered cell phone charger is basically a set of 3 solar panels that you plug directly into your phone or other device. What is great about it is that it’s highly efficient with an increased conversion rate of 21%-24%.

Another great feature is a built-in IC chip which detects your device and maximizes its charging speed. This helps your cell phone or device to be charged at higher speeds.

There are 2 outputs so you can charge 2 things at once. It will charge up to 2A per port or 3A total.

Another important feature is its weight. It is very light at only 18oz. This makes is very portable and easy to carry with you.

Other features:

  • 21W
  • Compact
  • Durable – designed for outdoor use.
  • Waterproof. Dampness will not damage the outside of the charger.
  • Dustproof
  • 2 hooks

Note that there is no power bank attached. You need the panels in the sun with your device attached.

–> Check out the NekTeck 21W Solar Charger on Amazon.

RAVPower is a popular brand in the solar world this solar powered cell phone charger is another of it’s great products. This product was actually my number one pick for solar chargers in the UK. (In the USA, there are many more varieties and choices – lucky you!)

This is another highly efficient charger with increases up to 21.5%-23.5%. This is done through their “signature solar cells” on the solar panels. (The quality of the solar panel can make a huge difference.)

It is powerful but lightweight. Easy to bring along with you.

Unlike most of the other solar phone chargers above, this one has 3 ports and you can charge 3 devices at once. Charging current is 2.4A per port or 4.8A in total (and in direct sunlight). RAVPower used iSmart technology which essentially means that it will detect your device and deliver the correct current to it. It’ll also charge everything equally. (I think this is pretty cool!)

What you should not do with the solar charger is place it on concrete, sand, rock or other heat conducting surfaces to charge. It will significantly reduce the charge you get.

This one also does not have a power bank but charges your cell phone directly.

Overall, it’s a very good quality solar powered cell phone charger.

–> Check out the RAVPower Foldable Solar Charger on Amazon here.

And That Makes 5 Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers

Hopefully you found one that will work for you. There’s a real variety out there.

If you’re still looking for the right one for you, just remember that really cheap solar panels are not value-full. (I did just make that word up but it seems to fit here.) So be sure to really research and read about what you’re getting.

Happy charging!