A solar power kit is an excellent and affordable way to get the energy you need. It also lets you rely on the sun (which is always up there) and not on the grid. Excellent!

Weeding through what is out there Solar Power Kit on Houseand figuring out how to get started can definitely be overwhelming.

But not to worry!

There is a high quality and popular solar panel kit that will work for a variety of off-grid uses including for RV solar panels, trailers, sheds, cabins and solar power for boats.

The best part?

It’s expandable.

So if you’re not sure how much power you need, you can start small and build up.

How fantastic is it to think that as long as you have the sun, you have power? And you don’t have to keep paying for it over and over. (Maybe that’s the best part!)

 The #1 Solar Power Kit is …

Renolgy Solar Power Kit
Renology Solar Power Kit



Renogy’s Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit (100 Watt 12 Volt ).

Why this one?

There are a number of benefits to using this one, it is very popular and gets great reviews (and many of them).

Here is why it’s so good.



Expandable (Up to 400 Watts)

This starter kit begins with one 100 watt solar panel. This panel has MC4 connectors that come directly off of the panel and that in turn, makes it very easy to connect to other Renology solar panels.

The controller for the Solar Power Kit
The Controller

It also features an upgraded controller called the Renology Wanderer. (This is a 30A PWM NegativeGround Charge Controller.) This controller is what is used to expand your system.

Additional feature:

Included is an 8 foot 10AWG tray cable. This connects your charge controller and battery.

New to Solar? No Problem

Renology has designed this solar power kit for ease of use for those just starting out with solar. So if you’re concerned about the techy aspects of setting up your first solar panels, you will be alright with this system.

If you do have some experience, you will notice the install is quick and easy!

RVs, Boats, Trailers, Sheds and Cabins

A photo of an RV for RV solar panels.This solar power kit’s been used in many different ways. From teardrop campers to decked-out RVs. It is also able to be ground mounted.

This kit is also compatible with on-grid and off-grid inverters.

All in all?

It’s versatile.

==> Read the reviews from RV and trailer owners here.

Why Monocrystalline?

Monocrystalline solar panels are more efficient than polycrystalline or thin film solar modules. They cost a bit more upfront but it’ll save you replacing solar panels sooner than later.

These solar panels may last decades.

Renology Slar Panels for Starter Solar Power Kit
Front and Back of the Solar Panel

What’s The Output?

The ideal output of the starter kit is 500W per day.

It can fully charge a 50Ah battery from 50% in 3 hours. (This does depend on the availability of sunlight.)

What Makes This Solar Power Kit So Reliable?

Renology’s solar panels are very reliable and here’s why:

These solar panels use “advanced encapsulation material”. They have multi-layered sheet lamintations.

What does this mean?

Cell performance is enhanced and it makes for a long service life.

There is guaranteed no hot-spot heating. This is due to EL tested solar modules.

You can still get power in shade and low-light environments due to bypass diodes that minimize power drop caused by these issues.

You will get smooth performance over a long period of time due to the TPT back sheet.

It’s Ready To Install

Solar Power Kit Installation
This is included in the kit for easy installation.

This is great. You don’t have to drill anything in the solar panel and worry about wrecking it.

There are pre-drilled holes both for fast mounting and securing as well as for grounding.

It is compatible with the mounting systems (like Z-brackets) by Renology.

One less thing to worry about!

What About Bad Weather and Durability?

These panels will be just fine in bad weather. They can withstand high winds of 2400Pa and also take snow loads of up to 5400Pa.

They are meant to be used outside and have been made that way with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. This will allow the panels to last decades. That is a good long time!

There have been a number of measures taken to protect the solar panels from impact and things hitting them. These are:

  • high transparency
  • anti-refelctive properties
  • low iron-temptered glass with enhanced stiffness.

The junction box is protected from environmental particles and low pressure water jets. It’s rated IP65.

More Important Points (Not to be missed)

  • It’s quiet. (No one needs noisy power. You can get a generator for that!)
  • It’s a sleek in size but gives you a good amount of power for it’s size.
  • In terms of the amount of space it takes up, it is very efficient and quite possibly the most efficient solar panel in terms of space out there.
  • Grid Independence!

Solar Power Kit Specifications


People who have bought this solar power kit have really liked it. Here are their testimonials.

Easy to Install:

I bought on 100W Kit to see if I can light up my cabin, it did. I got 2 interstate golf cart batteries, one 400 Watt Cobra Inverter and 8 LED 800 Lumen, and my cabin is bright like a star. I can charge me laptop and watch TV (LCD) and still got enough power to read at night 🙂Thumbs up with a smile. Reviews and testimonials.

The batteries have not been low yet. The solar panel even charges on cloudy days. I will get one more panel for the wintertime, the handling, shipping was great and the panel was easy to install. THANKS RENOGY, GREAT PRODUCTS

Martin (Amazon Customer)

Happy with 12 Volts:

We have a weekend “Get Away” at 7500 feet in the Rockies in Colorado. Boondocking with a 26 foot trailer on our 5 acres. We are now 12 volt solar off grid thanks to this kit.
We plan on adding a third panel and a third battery this summer and then a fourth and a fourth next spring. At that point we may add an inverter, but we are very comfortable with 12 volts.

R Rewey

Charging With Low Sunlight:

I purchased this kit to install on the roof rack of my excursion for the purpose of keeping the batteries charged. The supplied hardware made a secure installation an easy task.
The PV was showing a “green” charge light even with the sun nearly on the western horizon. Very impressive! In short, easy to use and hook up.

F. Ewo

Good Quality:

Impressed with the quality of this kit, I was about to buy a 45 watt kit from harbor but after looking at the old tech used and the cost, this kit at 100 watt is a no brainer.

Update…. Works great, no problems at all, charging my new deep cycle battery and using a 750 watt inverter. I can run my waterfall pump with no problems. Thank You RENOGY for the free phone charger.


Off Grid Camping:

We installed this on our Jayco Trailer for our off grid camping and just did our maiden voyage with the new Solar panel. No more generator for us, it worked perfectly.

Very easy to install, it took me longer thinking about how I was going to install it than installing it. We used Well nuts on the roof instead of the screws that were provided as our light weight trailer has a thin flat roof (foam laminated between two thin sheets of Luan) and screws wouldn’t have worked.  So far very happy.

Alan Blankenship

Can Use Furnace:

This solar panel kit is a great way to keep my two batterys in our camp trailer charged. I had used a RV solar panels with Renologymuch smaller and older 400mA solar charger that was a battery maintainer. I could not keep my batteries fully charged after long camping trips and using my fan forced furnace was out of the question.

With this 100 watt Solar panel I can use the furnace and most anything I want. I made the panel portable by building a suit case type of box. This let me place the panel anywhere around my campsite where I could get maximum sun. I installed a shut down switch to shut down the controler when not in use as the led lights stay on when not in use.

I also installed a volt meter to let me know the incoming voltage of the panels. I would suggest buying the disconnect and assembly tool for the connectors. The packaging that the panel came in was also done well. If you like camping off the grid this is the way to go!

DjvMkt (Amazon Customer)

(Read more testimonials for Renology Solar Starter Kit here.)


Q: What are the dimensions of the panel?

A: 47.2 inches long x 22 inches width x 1.4 inches thick.


Q: What type of wire do you use to connect the panel to the box and then the box to the battery?

A: Any number 10 Gage wire will work from the panel to the box charge controller and from from the charge controller to the batteries.


Q. Is it possible to use two or more 12 volt batteries ?

A: Yes, you can hook this up to two or more batteries. Just make sure to hook them up in parallel. + to+, – to-. This is a great starter kit, you can start with just this panel and one battery, then add more as you go. (If you are like me you will want more!) It would take about a day and a half to charge two car batteries when fully drained. My 122 amp hour marine battery will charge in a day. If you want a backup power setup more batteries per panel is better, but if you plan on a high daily usage you will want more panels per battery so it can recharge the batteries during the day.


Q: Is this kit complete, do I need to purchase anything else?

A: Out of the box producing power in 15 minutes. All you need is batteries.


Q: Can it withstand a hurricane?

A: The panel is made of glass and flying objects in a hurricane may break them. As they are easy to install, I’d recommend uninstalling them if there is a chance of extreme weather (like a hurricane) and putting them back up after.


Q: Will this 100 watt solar panel charge a 12 volt battery?

A: Yes, that’s exactly what it is designed to do. The regulator controls the voltage going to the battery and also prevents an over charge once the battery is full.


Q: Where can I buy this solar panel kit?

A: Right here!

Final Recap

Renogy’s Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit (100 Watt 12 Volt ) is a great way to begin your solar journey. It also makes great RV solar panels and can be used with trailers, tiny homes, cabins, boats and sheds as well.

Why it’s good:

  • It’s expandable up to 400 watts.
  • It’s designed to be easy to set up and install.
  • Not overwhelming for a beginner.
  • Monocrystalline panels are more efficient than others and will last longer.
  • Ideal output is 500W per day.
  • It’s reliable.
  • Can withstand wind and snow loads.
  • It’s quiet.
  • It provides a great amount of power for it’s size.
  • Great for off-grid camping and traveling.

Go off-grid and gain your independence from generators and power bills! This high quality but affordable solar power kit can get you there.


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